Volunteer Work

Relationship Nepal is launching volunteer programs. We welcome the interested candidates to join in our volunteer programs. Volunteers are provided food and accommodation by Relationship Nepal. Volunteers are needed to teach children, exchange culture and teach any skills you have. Please contact us if you are seeking for volunteer work.

Activities of Relationship Nepal

Relationship Nepal is dedicated to provide food, shelter and education to the children of Nepal skills and training to poor, but do not receive any governmental funds and relies solely on the charitable contribution of donors.

Thus, we need support and sponsors from all over the world to assist us in our efforts to shelter and educate these children.

We are working hard to make these children best citizen of tomorrow as well as.

We provide each child with these basic needs :

  • Nutritious food prepared by well trained house cook
  • Private school education
  • Clean accomodation and laundry service
  • tutors to assist them in their lessons
  • Skill development programs
    • Computer education
    • Music and dance
    • Tailoring training for girls
    • Painting and pottery class
  • Medical check ups
    • General Check-ups
    • Immune vaccination during childhood
    • Hepatitis B, vaccination
    • Vitamin A and Polio
  • Recreational programs
    • Outing holidays
    • Picnic
  • School uniform and casual clothes
  • School supplies