I spent an incredible stay in this "house of happiness ". They have little or nothing, but yet it is laughter, joy and happiness that one can hear in this house. Laxmi and Krishna do considerable work to raise these children and give them a chance to live decently ... They really deserve to be helped! It was a real lesson of humility to listen to Krishna explain that he had decided to open this orphanage to give these children a chance, he had not have himself, to have a sound education ... and an incredible experience to share the lives of these children, all so adorable and who just quietly take your hand or snuggle against you in the evening before going to bed ... Their eyes, their smiles will never leave me, I left a little piece of me there and I will go back for sure!
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Sandrine from France (August 2010)
I spent 2 months in Relationship-Népal.I really enjoy to discover Népal, the inhabitants, them customs, big festivals (Thiar, Dasain), beautiful areas....In fact, just live like them and to soak up them culture. How many nice moments I spent with everybody! (games, danses, songs, learn to cook nepali food...). Relationship-Nepal is a house full of smiles, love and laughs. Living there was a great opportunity. I wish I can come back soon. :-)

Anne-Flore from Switzerland (October and November 2011)
I told you, I would go back for sure! And here I am with more enthusiasm and motivation than ever. This time I will spend the next five months at the orphanage! Follow me on my blog: http://blog.relationship-nepal.org/
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Sandrine from France (February to July 2012)