The Relationship Nepal was established in 2004 with aim of providing orphans, homeless and underprivileged children education, healthcare, nourishment, residence and sense of family and belonging. The Relationship Nepal does not receive any governmental funding and relies solely on charitable contributions of the private donations for child. At present there are 10 children at Relationship Nepal. They are studying from grade 3 to 12.

The status of children in Nepal

Himalayan kingdom Nepal, the land of Mt. Everest and birth place of lord Buddha is bride of nature. lt is regarded as a paradise of earth because of its natural beauty. Inspire of its natural beauty and natural ressources it is actually a poor country.

The social status of poor, orphans and abandon children is miserable because they are deprived from even basic needs.


  • To provide shelter, education, food, medical care to the orphans and abandoned children.
  • To provide 12 level education and vocational training to help the children to be self reliant in their adult life.
  • The Relationship Nepal is a non-profitable non religious social organization registered with Government of Nepal with the Registration No. 110/061/062 and affiliated with the Social Welfare Council with the Affiliation Number 17229